Productivity Hacks For The Entrepreneur, According To A TikTok Star

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Running a business can be one of the most rewarding creative pursuits but sometimes life and work can blend as an entrepreneur. Finding ways to escape your work life so you can focus on your life-life can be good for your well-being and your business.

Conscious fashion designer and TikTok sewing star Tracy Garcia runs her business out of her NYC studio apartment. “My studio space is in my living room, so even when I’m on my couch, binging on a new show and just wanting to decompress, my work is surrounding me,” she says. Getting out of the apartment is key. “It’s healthier for me. I’ll grab lunch with friends or go on a walk if I need a little bit of fresh air.” She also boxes… like in a ring!

Tracy sells her own sewing patterns, teaches online, creates content and runs a fashion business that keeps her living her dream life in NYC. “I’m so passionate about sustainable fashion, and just being conscious about consumption,” she says. With these many facets of her business, Tracy looks to TurboTax experts to help her with her taxes each year, which allows her to focus on the things she loves most.

Tracy chatted with us about following her dream and running a successful business while taking care of herself. Here are some of her best work-life tips.

Be Open To Different Paths. 

Tracy always knew she wanted to start a business but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. “I thought my dream was to become an assistant designer for someone else,” she says. But sometimes life has other plans and it’s important to take the cues and follow the path that makes sense for you, even if it wasn’t what you originally thought would be your journey. Be nimble and follow what feels right.

Seek Out What Brings You Joy. 

Have a creative passion? The best work comes out of love for what you do. “Sewing is so meditative. When I took sewing classes, I forgot about everything. I was like, I can do this the rest of my life, and I’d be so happy.” Follow your passion and success will follow.

You Don’t Have To Do It All. 

“If I can hire someone to do things for me, it makes my life so much easier. Why am I going to stress about trying to learn something new? I cannot be my own accountant,” she says. Tracy spends her days mostly on the creative side of her business, designing and making clothes and teaching online. During tax time, she enlists the help of TurboTax experts to review all of the aspects of her business, help her find the best deductions, and file her taxes so she can focus on what she loves to do (and what she’s good at).

Have a Good System in Place. 

Tracy took a business course in college that helped set her on the path of entrepreneurship but she also had parents who knew how to run a successful business. “My dad was always such a good motivator. He made it clear that you just want to have a good system in place, so you want to do it.” That could mean everything from getting help on the business side of things so you can focus on the creative to setting a schedule, which brings us to our next tip.

Set A Schedule. 

“Every morning, I look at my calendar. It’s in my bedroom for that reason, so when I wake up I can see what’s going on that day and what goals I need to reach,” says Tracy. Getting into a routine that works for you can help you stay on track and better manage your business for growth and day to day. “It’s reinforcing goals that I set for myself,” says Tracy, who wakes up early in the morning so she’s more productive.

Recharge With Me Time. 

Taking time away from work to focus on self care or other creative endeavors will only make you a better business owner. It can lift your mood, clear your mind, and help you de-stress. “I love my boxing class. It’s really nice to hit a bag and just get all that stress out. I feel so much more motivated and energized throughout the day,” says Tracy.

Find Community. 

Being a solopreneur can be lonely sometimes. Find a community where you can connect, get your mind off of work, learn something new, and have fun. “On the weekends, I’ll go Salsa and Bachata dancing,” says Tracy. “Everyone is so friendly. It’s so social. You just dance with everyone. I love just being able to just mentally not think about work sometimes.”

Have A Future Plan. 

Set your sights high on the big picture, which will keep you motivated over the long term. Create a vision board to help you realize your dreams. A business plan helps too. “My ultimate dream is to open my own production company in Mexico. My parents are from Mexico, so I’d love to go back and employ local artisans and be transparent about the entire process. I want to be able to provide jobs and pay a livable wage and provide health insurance, because I think it’s very important to care about everyone who’s involved in the entire process.”

Video Direction & Editing by Tracy Garcia.

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February 28, 2023

Brit Morin