We Just Gave Out $25K In Small Business Grants To Women-Founded Startups

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Selfmade is a membership geared at giving women the tools, resources, community, and coaching they need to launch and grow their businesses. 

The Selfmade pitch competition is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Every installment of our entrepreneurship program for female founders ends with a high-stakes, fast-paced battle of the wits. In it, we crown moguls in the making while they go head-to-head to win some serious cash prizes…and that’s not even counting all the other bragging rights (like having built a business from scratch!).If you’re not familiar already, Selfmade is our immersive program that helps women take their businesses from idea to launch. Working side-by-side through lessons, coaching, workshops, mentor sessions, assignments, and more, this group of founders has put their whole selves into what we do here.

With over $25K in cash grants and prizes on the line thanks in part to our Selfmade partner Office Depot, our pitch competition gives our Selfmade squad the opportunity to show off all they’ve done and learned. And as you can imagine, this special showcase is always so inspiring.

Meet Our Small Business Grant Winners

Coming in first place was Bryant Liggett, Founder of The Fertility Resort, a safe space for women to connect with others on the same journey, receive the support they need via fertility coaching, have access to scientific and lifestyle resources to optimize their journey, and most importantly, to empower women to take control of their health with the tools to tackle the ups and downs of (in)fertility.

Bryant Liggett, Founder of The Fertility Resort

In second place was Angela Christian, Founder of Myco-Clear, the first-ever mycotoxin monitor and would continuously monitor the indoor air of one’s home, office, or school and alert the occupants of mycotoxins.

Angela Christian, Founder of Myco-Clear

And in third place was Robin Oloyede, Founder of Colorfull Plates, a thoughtfully designed children’s dinnerware and lifestyle company with diverse characters that portray children seeing themselves doing things they imagine.

Robin Oloyede, Founder of Colorfull Plates

The small business runners up included:

  • Amy Li, Founder of Dance4Healing, a patent-pending AI telehealth platform that pairs elders, chronic disease patients, and caregivers with compatible buddies to build fun, lasting habits with Creative Arts Therapy (CAT: Music, Dance, Art) through pre-recorded and live video classes.
  • Angela Fraser, Founder of Berlyns, a business that takes the ease off of pet owners by providing fun, healthy treats for communities that are sustainable.
  • Catalina Tellez Hopkins, Founder of Catalina Straps and Bags, a social enterprise working with indigenous women of the Wayuu Tribe along the Caribbean Coast of Colombia to produce handmade straps for yoga, guitars, cameras, and handbags, made for people on the go who like to be unique, hands-free, and care about making a positive impact.
  • Christine Tong, Founder of Christine My Linh, illustrations and stories to guide creative women away from negative self-talk towards building their self-esteem and reminding them of their power.
  • Jessica Diggs, Founder of Centered, a membership-based community for doulas to help them cultivate a thriving business.
  • Lisa & Kristin Hurd, Founders of Lisa’s 1973, a premium collection of refrigerated, organic, plant-based dressings & sauces filled with functional ingredients.
  • Viya Qu, Founder of unseem, a line of liberating skirts for everyone, especially for womxn to reclaim their freedom in skirts.

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Lead Photo Courtesy of Pexels/RODNAE Productions.

March 1, 2023

Brit Morin