10 Female Founders To Watch From Selfmade’s Fall 2021 Pitch Day

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Selfmade is a membership geared at giving women the tools, resources, community, and coaching they need to launch and grow their businesses. 

Sophie Meharenna Dec 16, 2021

It’s pitching season, y’all!

Every installment of Selfmade, Brit + Co’s entrepreneurship program for female founders, closes out with a fast-paced pitch competition. In it, the stakes are as high as our spirits, energy, and vibes while these moguls in the making go head-to-head for some serious cash prizes. We couldn’t be more proud of the women that participate in this special showcase.

Leading up to this moment, Selfmade students spend extensive time DIY-ing their businesses — 10 weeks to be exact!  by way of a jam-packed curriculum designed to take their biz platforms from idea to launch to growth. Week-by-week, they come together, go through guided lessons, and continuously evolve their business models through assignments and feedback. Through these in-depth class sessions, coaching-led peer groups, and 1:1 mentorship conversations with experts, our founders have put their whole selves into their work. Blood, sweat, and tears. And love  lots of love.

In preparation for Pitch Day, hundreds of applicants submitted their elevator pitches for consideration. And while we wish we could pick them all, we painstakingly narrowed it down to ten finalists. Each of them was given the opportunity to present their pitch decks, walk through the size of their opportunity, and put their best foot forward.

Meet our winners:

Coming in first place was Melissa Moran, Founder of Swingly, which features doorway storefronts illustrated with fun and interactive designs, sparking creative play for kidpreneurs.

In second place was Eunice Lee, Founder of Floti, a wellness app designed for women/non-binaries diagnosed with menstrual disorders.

And in third place was Danielle Stewart, Founder of Beyond, a proactive solution that removes the burden from your family and handles all of the after-death logistics, allowing you to spend the last moments with your loved ones worry-free.

The runners up included:

  • Alexandra Arce Pickrell, Founder of LOLA Health, an AI speaker bot that along with a web-based platform provides companionship, community, and self-care to socially isolated caregivers.
  • Isis Asare, Founder of Sistah Scifi, a black-owned book store focused on Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  • Julianne Isiksalan, Founder of Dr. Floof, which empowers you to speak with a vet from wherever, whenever with virtual pet care.
  • Julie Luther, Founder of Soft Touch, an ASMR-inspired spa that provides nurturing services such as back-scratching & hair brushing in a safe, friendly environment.
  • Lacey Ernandes, Founder of Elevated Oats, a gourmet in-house granolas brand tailored to the recreational millennial.
  • Nandita Kell, Founder of Future-drinks, crafted, ready-to-drink, alcohol-free cocktails for when you are feeling like having a drink without the after-effects caused by alcohol.
  • Naomi Castillo, Founder of Oeste, which offers thoughtful, soulful goods for your home that celebrate Latinx culture and designs.

Feeling inspired? Enrollment for the next Selfmade cohort begins in the Spring of 2022. Until then, join the waitlist to stay up to date on all things entrepreneurship and announcements regarding the next wave of Selfmade.

March 22, 2023

Brit Morin