7 Creative Ways To Recharge While Pursuing Your Dream

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Theresa Gonzalez, March 9, 2023

dani klaric

Being a creative entrepreneur can be rewarding and empowering: dreaming up new ideas, executing creative projects, and working with inspiring people. But sometimes doing what you love can keep you so busy that you lose track of that essential me-time. We chatted up one of our favorite interior design influencers, Miami-based Dani Klaric, about how she unplugs, finds inspiration, and gets away from the daily grind to recharge and refuel creatively.

In this *adorable* reel, Dani shares some of her creative projects and inspirations while revealing her #1 me-time hack: Getting help from the experts at TurboTax who can help her file her taxes with one virtual meeting.* Check it out!

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Here are more creative ways in which Dani recharges while pursuing her dream:

Create a morning routine. Like most entrepreneurs, Dani works best with a daily schedule. Her days start with meditation and yoga or working out and running. “At home, I have my typical schedule where I wake up, I meditate, and I do yoga, which I must do to clear my mind and have a good day. If not, I feel off and out of my creative flow.”

Find your community. Building a network of people who can support you, help you navigate work challenges, and even give you the motivation you need to keep going is key to running a business more seamlessly. “Being a Latinx creator and having this huge Latin community in Miami really motivates me,” she says. “I feel like I’m at home or back where I’m from, which is Mexico.”

Change your perspective. Leaving your workspace, whether that’s at home or in an office, can help you feel more creative by gaining a new perspective even if you’re not working. Step away from the day to day can be simply taking a walk midday, meeting up with other creatives for lunch, or traveling. “Mexico is just so rich in culture and the colors and the design,” says Dani. “I think there’s inspiration to be found in every place you travel.”

Outsource your paperwork. While Dani finds the numbers side of her interior design business motivating, there’s not always time for it. She looks to the experts at TurboTax to let her do anything but taxes. With the TurboTax 100% expert guarantee, an expert will do your taxes from start to finish so you can relax and focus on pursuing your dream.

Listen to your body. Taking breaks is important to avoid burnout and perform your best. “Never push yourself too hard,” says Dani. “When you know you need a break, just take a break. It could be five minutes, it could be an hour, it could be a day, or you could even go on a trip. Just listen to your body.” When she’s not working, Dani can be found painting or playing music, thrifting, or spending time with her S.O.

Do *you* when it comes to running your business. Whether you’re a list maker, prefer to text over email, or work at home or in an office, find your best productivity mode to keep your days stress-free and find more opportunities to recharge. “Emails stress me out because you have to be more formal, take a little more time and think everything through,” says Dani. Instead, she creates group chats with her clients so they are always in the know. “It helps them feel heard too and it’s just a very easy way to communicate.”

Make a date with yourself or someone you love. Treat yourself to your favorite cafe drink after a small success or get away when you can to a place that makes you feel recharged. “When we’re having nice weather in Miami, my boyfriend and I will put on a bathing suit and ride down on his motorcycle to the Keys,” says Dani. “We’ll go to our favorite restaurant on the water, watch the sunset, and just chill out.”

Does a little me-time sound good to you? Relax, recharge, and do anything but taxes this season with the help of the experts at TurboTax.

Video Direction & Editing by Dani Klaric.

*Available with Full Service products only. Video meeting while expert does your taxes required.

March 22, 2023

Brit Morin