How to Find Customers that Pay, Stay, and Refer

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Social media marketing is an amazing way to engage your customers. When done right, you can advertise your brand and your products as often as you want. But how do you know if your messages are getting across to the right people?

Today’s blog dives into the world of paid vs. organic growth. Let’s figure out which one’s the real MVP.

In the digital world, page likes and followers can be considered a measure of success. The more followers you have the more likely it is your business is growing. But even after nailing your marketing strategy, when growing your social media following starts to stall, it can sometimes feel like hitting a brick wall. And by then, you’re probably wondering if you need to break the bank to gain more followers.

Spoiler alert: You don’t! 

? Paid social media advertising isn’t the only way to grow!

Sure, paid ads can get you eyeballs, but are those folks really vibing with your brand or just cruising by? It’s all about quality over quantity. You want loyal fans, not just window shoppers. So, how do you snag those gems without draining your wallet?

The magic word: Organic social media growth.

This is where the good stuff happens – connecting with the right audience and turning them into die-hard fans. Here are three down-to-earth strategies to get your social media game going strong:

? Sharing Your Story

What’s stopping you from being your authentic self on social media and raking in those sales? Picture this: Turning your personal journey into content gold. Turn your life experiences into stories that resonate. People love a good narrative, and it humanizes your brand. It’s authenticity for the win to craft your brand message like a pro.

? Building Brand Loyalty

Think of your brand as a BFF. When customers feel a real connection, they keep coming back. Develop a killer visual identity and find the tone of voice and messaging that clicks with your peeps. It’s all about creating a fan club, not just a customer base.

? Planning and Integrating

No more winging it. Plan your content like a boss. Research, experiment, analyze, and tweak. Weave social media into your overall business plan – from creating killer content to using metrics for sales. 

? BONUS: Boost organic reach with influencer content

In recent years, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, seem to have overshadowed organic content with paid ads. This means only a tiny fraction of your followers actually see your posts. Yep, we’re talking as low as 0.07% engagement. Which makes one wonder, is all that organic effort even worth it?

But organic reach isn’t dead; it’s just about playing smarter. A cost-effective way of minimizing your spending while upping your reach is the dynamic duo of solid social media messaging with influencer content. 

Influencers have this magic touch that gets people buzzing, and when you back that up with a bit of ad spend, engagement skyrockets, and so does your reach – without necessarily breaking the bank. BUT – and there is a but – choosing the right influencer is crucial. He/she must really embody your brand values. 

Even though it feels like organic social media is a tough nut to crack, mixing in some influencer power and targeted ads can make a big difference. The long game? You’re not just looking to gain followers; you’re building a community that’s here for the long haul. 

It’s time to own the social media game without breaking a sweat! How many of these tips have you tried? 

February 27, 2024

Emily Oberman