6 Leadership Podcasts to Inspire You to be the Leader Your Business Needs

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Being the leader your business needs is a huge responsibility. But who do you ask for advice when you’re the one calling the shots? These pros can help.

We feel you. When it’s your first time in a leadership position that doesn’t have to answer to anyone, that freedom can also come with a feeling of disorientation. Where do you get guidance when you’re supposed to be the one guiding, right? The good news is: We’ve rounded up these 6 impactful podcasts that can support your journey as a founder and a leader.

Let’s start with the why. 

What is the importance of having leadership and team-building skills?

Being a founder and a leader is like being the captain of a ship. But, you’re not just steering the boat; you’re setting the vibe, painting the picture of where you’re headed, and getting everyone pumped up to sail there with you. It’s about making the tough calls, sure, but it’s also about showing your team why those calls matter and how they fit into the big picture. 

In today’s fast-paced world, beyond having your Small Business Digital Ready, having a solid team with awesome leadership at the helm is like having superpowers for your organization. With everything interconnected and challenges coming at you from all directions, it’s important for everyone to feel like they’re in it together. Trust and openness are the name of the game – and when you nail that, you’re not just running a business; you’re leading a tribe of motivated, passionate people toward success.

So, what is team building? 

It’s all about bringing people together, creating that magic synergy where everyone’s strengths complement each other, sparking off each other’s ideas, and getting stuff done like never before. 

And, where does leadership come in?

Leadership is the guiding light that keeps everyone on track, inspiring them, steering them through rough waters, and keeping the ship sailing toward success, no matter what storms come your way. 

Whether you’re putting together your dream team, looking to step up your leadership skills, or seeking to communicate with your team better, here are 6 podcasts that can help guide you.

Speak in Flow by Melinda Lee

Are you ready to ditch the self-doubt and step into your power? Master the art of confident communication and heart-centered leadership with Melinda Lee. Explore how to speak from the heart, find your purpose, and kick fear to the curb so you can rock the stage and make a real impact. Dive into some seriously empowering conversations. This is where your voice gets the spotlight it deserves!

Oprah’s Super Soul by OWN Podcasts

Oprah’s Super Soul is your ultimate guide to awakening, discovering, and connecting to the deeper meaning of life. Dive into the Queen of Talk’s personal selection of interviews with thought leaders, bestselling authors, spiritual luminaries, and health and wellness experts. These conversations are all about lighting you up, guiding you through life’s big questions, and bringing you one step closer to your best self. 

Stacking Your Team | Leadership Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs by Shelli L. Warren

If you’re a female entrepreneur juggling all the hats and ready to build a killer team to support your dreams, you’re in the right place. Host Shelli Warren is a team-building enthusiast and her podcast dives into practical strategies and tools to create a team that’s not just there to work but to cheer you on and help your business soar. With her years of experience leading teams, including in Fortune 50 corporations, she shares insights tailored specifically to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in business. 

Shannon Waller’s Team Success by Strategic Podcast Network

If you’re all about kicking your teamwork into high gear and hitting those success milestones, you’re in for a treat. Shannon Waller, the team guru at Strategic Coach since forever (okay, since ’95), is here to spill all her secrets on how to make your team unstoppable. From turning worry into creative fuel to cracking the code on collaboration, Shannon’s got the goods to help you level up your team game. 

Science-Based Business Success Podcast by Valerie Patrick Ph.D

Perfect for those who want to make work feel less like work and more like a science experiment. Host Dr. Valerie Patrick spills the beans on how social science rocks the business world. Dive into the juicy stuff that makes teams tick. From brainy stuff like cognitive neuroscience to the quirks of human behavior in everyday life, this podcast breaks down the science into bite-sized nuggets you can use at work and beyond. 

Building a Culture of Collaboration by Jigsaw Learning

This podcast is all about creating kick-ass teamwork vibes, especially in educational settings and beyond. Take a dive deep into what it takes to build a truly collaborative environment – including boosting teamwork among your crew, how leadership plays into the mix, and practical steps you can take to make collaboration a natural part of your organization’s DNA. Hosted by the folks at Jigsaw Learning, gain insights into a mix of real-world strategies and good vibes to help your team thrive.

When you’ve got killer team building and top-notch leadership, you’ve got the winning formula for smashing goals and conquering the world. 

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May 7, 2024

Emily Oberman